Some time ago in response to our post about a Lego tissue cover, a reader commented that it had a “low meaning index” and explained why. (You can read his logic at the end of that article, or below.) What struck us was the phrase “meaning index”: a simple evaluation tool.  Brilliant, especially during times of the mercenary marketing of “stylish must-haves” and gifts.

restoration hardware
Restoration Hardware

Our personal Meaning Index is not only a fine barometer for useless gifts, but also for the activities and people we chose to fill our lives with. All we have to do to make it work is check in with it regularly. We’re adjusting and fine-tuning our inbuilt Meaning Index to guide us through the coming days, months, years…


Here’s why Austin found the Lego tissue holder low on his meaning index:

Why not? Because legos are not cheap, that is a pretty expensive tissue cover. However, yes, individuality is nice but I don’t think legos leave or hold the mark of the maker. If one deconstructs that lego tissue cover it becomes absolutely meaningless and holds nothing from its past life as a tissue holder unless you took a picture of it. In this way it has a low meaning index.


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