Improvised Life site has been down since December 26th and it’s been a wild ride to get it going, while hoping that six years of work survived intact. Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of readers and friends, it looks like we’re going to be okay. We’ve learned many lessons and met some remarkable people, which we’ll report on in the coming weeks. Bottom line, we’re deeply moved by Improvised Life’s awesome community.

We’ve still got a lot of work to do to make Improvised Life stable (and may experience more up-and-downs). But for now, we’re wishing you joy, health, creativity, abundance and love in the year to come…

With thanks to the great Sandra Calder Davidson for her wonderful New Year’s card. Every year for over 30 years, she has sent a unique, hand drawn New Year’s card to her lucky friends. Her image for 2016 is curiously Improvised Life and seems a fine way to start the New Year.

Her kid’s books are treasured favorites.

Sandra Calder Davidson
Sandra Calder Davidson

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