We must have spent an hour slowing looking at our friend Christopher Baker‘s beautiful online portfolios. We found ourselves culling images with a single theme: natural textiles used in original absolutely doable ways, no uptight styling here. Just a fine trove of ideas.

Like the heavy linen painted dirty pink —perhaps preparation for a painting —tacked to a wall: perfect unto itself.

Mismatched blanks and a gingham curtain hanging on a curved rod…

bed w textiles Christopher Baker
Christopher Baker

A vintage robe becomes a decorative hanging. We love the gently bowed wooden rod (could it be the same as above?)

displayed clothing textile Christopher Baker
Christopher Baker

Draped curtains filter and let in the light on a sofa covered with a quilt and strewn with pillows. The wall stencils are wonderful.

draped sofa Christopher Baker
Christopher Baker

An outdoor living room: garden furniture along with chairs padded with pillows and quilts + one upholstered indoor chair arranged for hanging out and looking at the view.

Charlotte Culot House
Christopher Baker

An armchair hairs draped with striped fabric, which may be tied…

textile draped chairs Christopher Baker
Christopher Baker

Colorful runs of fabric hung over a beam make a room divider. Tow beds pushed together, with mismatched covers become sleeping bed and day bed for napping.

Charlotte Culot House
Christopher Baker

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