(Video link here.) This compelling 2-minute video for is based on The School of Life‘s Alain de Botton’s writings about the uses of envy, and the information that often-difficult emotion holds. It offers a kind, rather gentle approach to an emotion we often hold against ourselves as being bad. 

We find that the little video’s essential message has a wider scope: that is, all the unacceptable feelings we may have.

We should become diligent and careful students of our most persistent… feelings. They’re trying to tell us something, and we should listen.

When we encounter an emotion we don’t like or are afraid of, asking “What could I learn here?” leads us to insight about ourselves, and with that, growth and…moving closer to our heart and path…


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One thought on “Use Envy (+ Other Dark Emotions) To Your Advantage

  1. Honor the ‘No! ‘

    All feelings hold information .
    They are only good or bad for as long as we label them.

    All the important things one needs to know are already there, those routes we take, just loops to come back to realization. Maybe it needs to be awakened in us.


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