Years ago we clipped the image, below, of a vintage velvet sofa positioned by a wall covered with what looks to be clipped images from publications…a 70’s’ish crocheted afghan thrown across it. We wonder why it has stayed with us since we tend to dislike busy walls. It’s a simple lesson really: Images artfully-collaged can transform a wall, providing a unified field of pattern and often, meaning. When we started looking further we found a couple of other examples of where a creative soul can take a wall, while surrounding themselves with images they love to look at…reminders perhaps…

wall-collages w velvet sofa

Our favorite is the modern/primitive graphic at top, which may have been stenciled but could easily be done with cut paper (Matisse did it!), or blocks of bold design printed out via laser printer.

We love this asymmetrically collage of sun prints

collage of photograms

These papers appear to be aged vintage plans or possibly pages from books…their pale hues are lovely.

wall collage old drawings and plans

A hash of black and white photographs provides neutral beauty packed with personal images…

wall collage of photos

While we saw plenty of collage walls carefully assembled — some using plans— we found the most compelling ones to be tightly knit collages with an impromptu, almost random feel that is, curiously, comfortable…

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One thought on “Artfully Papered Collage Walls You Can Make Yourself

  1. Years ago, my mother collaged a laundry room wall with covers from playbills for show she had seen. When I think of her old apartment, it’s one of the things I miss the most.

    And also – l love the trackback link!!

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