I was pondering how to remain sane in the tumult and violence that seems to be our world these days, where lunatics of every stripe  are taking center stage, when I remembered this quote from Bruce Lee, the great kung fu master:

Be like water making its way through cracks. 
Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, 
and you shall find a way through it.
Be water, my friend.
Thinking about his words on my island walkabout, the refrigerator hum of my buzzing brain quieted. I felt a great sense of peace descend. In that sudden respite, I relaxed and thought: hey, everything’s going to be okay.
It was a “si, si puedo” moment. Brief, but profound.
And it gave me renewed hope and strength.

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4 replies on “A Strategy for Tumultuous Times (Bruce Lee)

  1. Hi Sally, I am getting kicked out again and saying that I have to rejoin The Improvised Life so I am not getting in…. Help. Thanks Cassandra Greene

  2. not to split hairs, but you do no honor to bruce lee in calling him a ‘karate master’. bruce lee practiced kung fu.

  3. Thanks for your email. I should have caught the limitating description when the piece came in, and will change it. My understanding is that Bruce Lee practiced many forms of Kung Fu.

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