Our Braun analog scale is so old, we thought we’d buy a digital scale that would be more accurate and provide a minimal footprint in our bathroom. If it was well made and worked well, we’d publish an article on scales—>weight—>health—>self-image and include a link for buying one online. If you followed that link, we’d get a little cut of whatever you bought, that we’d then use to buy stuff for Improvised Life posts: another source of financial fuel.

The three digital scales we tried, one after an other, were uniformly unreliable, finicky, NOT worth trading in our ancient Braun. They flunked the test for products we feel good about endorsing and linking to. We were out some possible sales. FINE WITH US.  We’re not going to recommend something sub par.

Sally Schneider
Sally Schneider

We’d rather just tell you our solution for making an old thing work that we —and quite possibly you—already have.

We know the Krups scale is 3 pounds off (having calibrated it to our doctor’s scale, we learned that when our scale reads 100, it really means 103). So we just set the starting point at 3 pounds rather than zero. Then the weight we see is what we really are. (When we set it to zero, even though we KNOW there was a three-pound difference, it was too easy to kid ourselves and go for the lesser number).


We mean it when we say we won’t sell you stuff just to do it. 

We won’t put ads blinking like this all over the place either (because we hate them, too).



We don’t embed products we don’t believe in. We don’t do “sponsored” posts (although we get email requests from companies wanting to do this all the time).

Our trust with our readers is our gold.

And we trust that you will want to support NOT having ads, having honest, carefully wrought content, and knowing that we pay our assistants (we don’t exploit unpaid “interns”)

So if you don’t want this:


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