(Video link here.) This surprising little video is about Glasgow roadliner Thomas Lilley, a man who paints signs and marks on roads freehand in molten thermoplastic. Lilley reflects on the beauty he sees and makes, the adventure and satisfactions his work provides, scary moments, and the thought processes and aesthetic considerations of his uncelebrated typography. The sum total is a reflection on those everyday jobs that most of us remain oblivious to, that possess —and often yield — their own quiet poetry.

Lilley leaves us with an essential message…

Thomas Lily via O Street
Thomas Lily via O Street


via Kottke

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One thought on “A Road Sign Painter’s Artful Message

  1. At first I imagine the bird zig zagging along the line.. Then the soft repetitive chords were so sweet with the painter’s explanation and satisfaction with the unnoticed but eternal nature of his work. Precision well executed at so many levels. Sweet, just very sweet.

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