At Style-Files‘A Small But Charming Bungalow, we spotted a very practical paper roll hanging on the side of the fridge, jerry-rigged with heavy twine and a copper pipe, and apparently weighted with heavy plant pots (below). Its basic approach is a simpler alternative to installing a paper-roll dispenser on a wall, that would work well for lighter rolls of paper.

Rolls of paper that can be drawn on, used for wrapping, tablecloths and coverings, etc are endlessly useful.

The makings for the rope-hung holders, above, are self evident. We found simple instructions for making a hanging paper roll with brackets here and other sites online.


Here’s a way to support a heavy roll of Kraft paper, IF your walls will hold the anchors:


You can also purchase Kraft paper dispensers to install on the wall or place on the side of a table, or on top of the fridge. We wrote about a number of options here.

Kraft Wall-Mount holder

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