(Video link here.) It took extreme measures for Finnish freediver Johanna Nordblad to recover from a serious downhill biking accident and save her injured leg: immerse her entire body in extremely cold water by diving under the ice of the frozen Arctic. At first it was brutally painful and frightening. Eventually, it led to her love of the world under the ice, and a new sport. In this exquisite video, we get to experience that world with her.

There is no place for fear, no place for panic, no place for mistakes.

Under the ice, you need total control of the place, the time, and to trust yourself completely.

When you can do all that, you can find a different world, a world so peaceful, so beautiful, endless and desolate

With one breath, I’m part of it.


via Kottke via Nowness

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2 replies on “Johanna Under the Ice: With One Breath, We Are Part of It

  1. Liberating
    (which can be v. painful, yet probably not as much as the alternative.. )

    Take that quote , are we all pushed to that place to realize exactly that –
    get out of the the illusion that *this* is all there is

  2. As usual you nailed it Sahana. “get out of the illusion that ‘this’ is all there is”. Gracias!

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