We saw this knife holder in a friend’s kitchen and thought: seriously clever. It’s simply a tall, narrow box filled with vertically-standing wooden skewers. The skewers hold the knives in place without dulling the blade. Since the knives are placed dead-vertical, the box can take up less space than a clunky angled knife block. Although we tracked down where you can buy one, the formula for making it yourself is simple…

Tall box:

the box can be of any material you like; the height should be a tad taller than your longest blade (8 to 10 inches)


bamboo skewers to fit:

they can be customized by cutting them down (you can find different sizes here a few bucks)


Sally Schneider
Sally Schneider


For a sleeker, more minimalist look, smooth wood can be painted, or you can use another material (these are bamboo)…


This skewer knife box has plastic insert that would dull knives. BUT, you could remove it and just use the bamboo box ($17)


A tall rectangle or cylinder of ceramic or porcelain ($27) could be cool…



Our friend’s is a well-worn version of Rustic Wall Co. Reclaimed Wood Upright Knife Block (apx $70)


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2 replies on “DIY or Buy: Kitchen Knife Holder

  1. BRILLIANT. I might put some cork or resilient flooring scrap on the bottom to protect the tips of the long ones. I currently have a magnetic bar on the wall, and it woks well for us, but if our kitchen gets reconfigured this might be just the thing!

  2. Great idea, just in time for Christmas!

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