Arriving at a Halloween party in full costume when no one else is is kind of a drag…as is NOT wearing a costume when everyone else is (downer). How to dress for a Halloween party you aren’t sure if people are going to be in costume or not? Mira Keras found inspiration in member of the Adams Family:

Cousin IT
A quick comb-over and a pair of glasses does the trick. It’s very hard to see in but also very hilarious.

A simple black sweater dress over a white collared shirt goes a long way. Throw in a middle part… and maybe you’re just a cool downtown girl or maybe you have the perfect look for the angsty midweek heroine.

Guys, dress up in your toniest suit, especially one with pin stripes and a bow tie. Slick your hair back. A fake mustache and a cigar go a long way. If you arrive and all guests are in street clothes, ditch the ‘stache and party away in a totally normal looking suit.


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