William Saltman, age 99 said: We’ve survived worse than this.

Samuel Becket wrote:


                       I can’t go on.


                       I’ll go on.



Sally Schneider
Sally Schneider



David Dawson
David Dawson


We must muster all our energies, push against the new constraints, however difficult, MAKE.  Debbiamo comabattere con la belleza.


We must fight back with beauty.





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3 replies on “The Day After, via Rumi, William Saltman, Beckett, Ali, Lucien Freud

  1. Thank you. That’s it, just thank you.

  2. Thank you Sally. This was among the most comforting messages I’ve received. It has resonated deeply in the past few hours and will continue to do so in the days to come.

  3. Thank you so much Louisa. It was written in the wee hours of election night as I was looking for positive path to take. I am glad it resonated. And thank you to all the emailed.

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