Over the past few months at Swiss-Miss, one of the few blogs where we consistently find stuff, we found two related ideas that really hit home. The first, this sign, which is one of the School of Life’s Know Yourself Prompt Cards for Self-Exploration. Second, this quote powerful quote from How to Write the Best To-Do List by Jocelyn G. Klei:

One of the reasons that so many of the tasks on our to-do lists end up woefully undone is because we have to go to meetings, and we have to do email; they create their own urgency. But if you want to make sure that you regularly accomplish meaningful work—the type of work that helps you advance your career, push forward important projects, or expand your skill set—you have to make time for it. (Productivity guru Stephen Covey calls this putting the “big rocks” in first.)

Both made us think hard about what we really want, and reorganized our day to make sure to further those dreams as well as taking care of truly necessary admin work (which we had to think about as well and set limits on how much time we’re going to spend on them).


So as we contemplate a new day, we’re asking ourselves:

What really meaningful dreams/projects are we going to spend time on this week?



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