With our tumultuous political climate, it’s an especially good time to remember gratitude.

Gogo, my spunky two year old, has a cool practice she came to all on her own. Before going to bed, or sometimes sporadically throughout the day, she goes down a list of names asking me if they’re okay.

The names can include friends of mine and my husband, their pets, people she knows from our neighborhood, our family, and of course, her stuffed animals and dolls. She can feel peace knowing the people and animals she loves are safe and comfortable.



During moments of unease, it can be very comforting to call to mind the people you love, and imagine them calm and “okay”.

Todays List…

Daddy okay?

Uncle Mason okay?

Gracie okay?

Batman okay?

Seahorses okay?

Greg Keras
Greg Keras

—Mira Keras

Top photo from #LifeOfGogo

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