My daughter is two years old and is learning so much right now. Mostly, we are practicing patience.

Sometime it’s easy to get frustrated when your chubby little hands fumble zippers or shoe Velcro or doll clothes or yoga positions, not to mention walking on bumpy cobblestones of New York City and climbing jungle gyms. During times like this, to bring her down to earth, I say to her “FOCUS

Mira Keras
Mira Keras

Then she usually repeats it back to me, sounding a lot like “FUCK THIS”.

And I get it, girl, FUCK THIS zipper…
…uneven terrain…
…complicated doll dress…
…intricate yoga pose…
…pestery zipper…


But also, by repeating this phrase to herself with a constant string of profanity (she really does mean “focus”), she can usually work through her frustration, and complete her task: a really good practice.

You can meditate to “focus / fuck this” and relax and laugh!

—Mira Keras



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4 replies on “Gogo’s ‘Focus/Fuck This’ Practice

  1. Thanks for a much-needed chuckle. I will use this as my new mantra.
    Hippy Holly Daze!

  2. So my life right now!
    Thank you for the laugh and feeling of comradery with a shared experience.

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