(. Or at YouTube here.) To celebrate Icons Of Modern Art: The Shchukin Collection, an exhibition at Foundation Louis Vuitton in Paris, Memphis-born jookin’ dancer Lil Buck performs his own unique and utterly expressive dance in response to masterpieces by the likes of Picasso and Matisse  Wondrous to watch, it took us right OUT of the frenetic holiday vibe.

This rough early work caught recorded via cell phone by Spike Jonze is possibly more beautiful:  a collaboration with Yo-Yo Ma of The Dying Swan (Video link here.):

Now we are double chill.


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5 replies on “Lil Buck Dances with Modern Masterpieces + Yo-Yo Ma

  1. He makes his dance look so effortless!
    Thanks for a moment (or 2) of peace.

  2. You’ve been one of the jookers I’ve watch since like 4yrs ago. Never thought I’d see you dance to this. If you’re ever near the Ky, Id love to go to a park and just sit and watch you dance. Lol

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