Years ago, Maria Robledo send me this photograph of a winter crocus bulb just on the verge of blooming. It had been sitting in a dish in her kitchen, no water, no nothing, when it sent out shoots. Needs nothing but light to illuminate us, wrote Maria. Since then, I’ve relied on spring bulbs for their ability to bring a breath of spring slowly, miraculously, over several weekd.

Maria Robledo
Maria Robledo

Hyacinths, crocus and Amaryllis work are often available at hardware stores (in winter, you can find Paperwhites). You simply set the root ends in pebbles or soil, or in a glass over water…and let them….grow.

Maaike Bernstrom Photography
Maaike Bernstrom Photography

Here are the simple instructions, from garden store Terrain:

Forcing on pebbles or soil: Choose a container that allows at least an inch or more of space below the bulb for the roots to grow. Fill the container with pebbles or soil and place the bulbs on top, leaving the tips of the bulbs exposed. Water thoroughly, and keep soil moist as bulbs are growing. Place container in a warm, sunny location (near a window is best). 

Forcing in water: Choose a vase designed to suspend a bulb. Fill with water up to the base of the bulb; if water level is too high, rotting may occur. Place vase in a warm, sunny location (near a window is best).

Terrain sells recycled glass bulb vase for just this purpose, although a jar or glass will do fine.

But really, the bulbs just want to grow, and if they’ve been stored properly by your seller, need little encouragement.


I usually bundle bulbs in tissue paper or a paper or cello bag punched with holes, along with instructions for forcing printed on nice paper with one of the photos here as illustration.

Sally Schneider

You can make special bags or presentation for them, or include pebbles and/or a container.

…a curiously wondrous gift for little money…

Chelsea Fuss/
Chelsea Fuss/

…and a wonderful gift to myself…



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One thought on “Gift: Spring Bulbs for Effortless Blooms + Magic

  1. Lovely idea! I think this will be a great Easter decoration for the windows in my kitchen. Reusing few old jars is a good option too. As my girls love jam, and I don’t have time for making jam at home – I buy it, adn of course we always have extra jam jars, that I usefor different purpoces.Thank you for sharing this lovely idea!

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