(Video link here.) It seems that our Monday morning article Don’t Know What You Are Doing? You Are Not Alone arrived with perfect synchronicity with Honda’s lovely Super Bowl ad, above, AND a New York Times front page story about the early days of Trump the White House reporting that the backlash against a series of executive orders has President Trump and his top staff reconsidering their improvisational approach to governing, administration officials said.

Sally Schneider/Improvised Life
Sally Schneider/Improvised Life

In case you haven’t read it yet, the details of our new President’s improvisational approach came from interviews with dozens of dozens of government officials, congressional aides, former staff members and other observers of the new administration, many of whom requested anonymity.

Donald Trump hair golden mean*

It is quite a read. It holds essential lessons about improvising when the stakes are high (a bit different than when you’re just messing around…though they do sometimes apply to hair):

—Have a solid foundation of experience about how things work, with which to improvise carefully, not impulsively or for the sake of speed or bravado.

—If you find your knowledge lacking, seek the advice of honorable people who know a lot about the issue at hand AND ask the opinion of innovative thinkers you know. 

—Beware of being led by your ego, rather than the highest good or the mandate of the project/creation.

—Use humility to maintain balance.



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