When we saw paper artist Matthew Sporzynski’s, aka the Couturier de Cardboard, STRETCH money, we thought, We need some of that: resources that would stretch even farther than we normally take them. If ONLY the bigger the bill, the more it is worth, though we find that Matthew’s money does expand our view.

Matthew Sporzynski

His creations ALWAYS do that, from his habit of leaving stealth gifts outside of neighbor’s doors (as he did with us)…

Sally Schneider

…to his clever, a la minute improvising of an aluminum tablet stand

Matthew Sporzynski

…and tech screwdriver

Matthew Sporzynski

…to his illuminating exploration of materials...

Matthew Sporzynski

…not to mention his always inspired 3D artworks made of paper…(View more of his work here.)

Matthew Sporzynski


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Matthew Sporzynski

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AND special thanks to Matthew!  Check out more of his work here

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