At Desire to Inspire, we spotted a fine practical idea from Casa Helsinki, a guesthouse in Cordoba, Argentina. Checkout the ledge that is built out a couple of inches around the perimeter of the bedroom. It makes a natural display for pictures or other small objects.  (We don’t know why the folks at Casa Helsinki don’t see it that way. They hung pictures below it.)

We’re thinking you could do it with plywood (or even sheet rock), painting the same color as the walls. (No need to try to affix a floating picture rail…)

Desire to Inspire

It makes a natural headboard, sort of like this one we’ve always loved:

Alexander van Berge

This unpainted plywood ledge headboard gives the how-to gist:

Heath Ashli/Flickr


Bottom photo: Heath Ashli/Flickr

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4 replies on “A Narrow Ledge Becomes a Picture Rail + Headboard

  1. Casa Helsinki is located in Argentina, not Spain. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Is this DIY? or something that can be purchased? What is the headboard called

  3. This is a suggestion for a diy or something someone can build. That was the reason for showing it in a rough plywood state, so you could see the parts, how it is constructed.

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