Self Reflected is a series of  complex, wildly beautiful, artistic representations of neural pathways created by neuroscientist artist Dr. Greg Dunn, and applied physicist, Dr. Brian Edwards. Using a technique called reflective micro-etching, they show what consciousness looks like — YOUR consciousness, this very moment: your brain actively perceiving itself. (Video link here.)


Self Reflected was created to remind us that the most marvelous machine in the known universe is at the core of our being and is the root of our shared humanity.


As we watched the tiny video, we thought: yes, how truly wondrous, this brain, right here, and now, ours, yours…


The laminar structure of the cerebellum, a region involved in movement and proprioception (calculating where your body is in space) by Greg Dunn


This Consciousness that is aware
Of Neighbors and the Sun
Will be the one aware of Death
And that itself alone

Is traversing the interval
Experience between
And most profound experiment
Appointed unto Men—

How adequate unto itself
Its properties shall be
Itself unto itself and none
Shall make discovery.

Adventure most unto itself
The Soul condemned to be—
Attended by a single Hound
Its own identity.

 — Emily Dickinson


Greg Dunn

View more Self Reflected images and videos  here.


via Kottke

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