Late one evening, we were telling a friend all that had happened during our day. We found ourselves saying A day is really a container.  Suddenly saw our day as a vessel into which we could put all manner of things. We noticed that just the thought made us think about it differently, about the choices we have to put lovely things in it, even in the midst of all the things we have to do.

First thing in the morning as we plan our day with our clockface planner, we also take a few minutes to envision our day as a vessel and what we might put in it…


…That new view has curiously changed our awareness rather radically.



Nicholas Lees


A day is a container.


The last thing we do before we go to bed is reflect on what went into our day…


Robyn Gordon / Hold


We often find the most surprising things: poems, clouds, works of art, flavors, messages, discoveries, fixes, day dreams…



Maria Robledo/ @mariarobledo


A number of the images above, including late potter Lucie Rie holding a vessel, came from Robyn Gordon’s wonderful Pinterest Hold.  Potato Heart in a Polka Dot Bowl from Maria Robledo’s Instagram.

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3 replies on “Our Newest Day Planning Strategy

  1. Fill it up to the brim
    empty out
    It fills itself again

  2. One of the most beautiful concepts I’ve ever encountered, equaled only by the images in it.
    In it, the container, the concept, this blog.
    And a font design to match in fit and beauty!
    Thank you.

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