We always scouring cool home ideas the are easy to do. Are we secretly lazy? We sew but try to avoid it or having carpenters come or buying major pieces of furniture).  We just want to have a pleasurable, unencumbered time making something fresh out of what we have. Here are two three examples found at La-Mignonette.

…A spare vintage sofa with good bones and frame, and no doubt raggedy cushions, made wonderful with a beautiful old rug (only it couldn’t be stiff or scratchy).

This big armchair loosely draped with the most wonderful velvet on earth (oh well…yes…we’d have to spend time finding that…)


…We want to take a nap on these rumpled draped sofas (linen sheets, painter’s cotton drop clothes..lovely when unkempt).



Perfection in our eyes.

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2 replies on “Drape Stuff, Like That Scrap of Beautiful Fabric or Vintage Rug

  1. Sorry, “throws” are not lovely! As soon as someone sits on it–yuck! Of course that’s what you do until one can afford upholstered furniture.

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