As you watch this lovely slide-show, turn off the all-wrong music and…

…imagine yourself painting

walls, floors, textiles, house 

with your fingers

Fingerpainting seems like such a intuitive and sensual way to create designs. We never thought of it until we saw photographer Margaret Courtney-Clarke images of the vernacular art and architecture in West Africa:

…[it] is not transportable and therefore not seen in museums around the world….These images portray a unique tradition of Africa, a celebration of an indigenous rural culture in which the women are the artists and the home her canvas.


Margaret Courtney-Clarke


The idea we love most:

Home is a canvas!


If you’re concerned about the toxicity of some paints, you could wear tight-fitting rubber gloves. For naked-fingered painters, we’re thinking Natural Earth Paints look great and the website provide lots of resources, including instructions for mixing your own pigments.

View more of Courtney-Clarke’s inspiring work here.

via ArtCraftArchitecture

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One thought on “Home is Your Canvas, Finger Paint It

  1. MANY years ago, I brought natural pigments back from a trip to Provence thinking I would love to figure out how to use them. As I said, this was MANY years ago. They have been sitting on a shelf all this time. This posting is EXACTLY (as happens so often for me with IL postings…) the push I have been waiting for. Thank you!

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