Self-taught photographer Loes Heerink spent days on bridges capture the diversity of bicycle vendors in Hanoi. Her photo series “Vendors from Above” reminded us of the beauty you can carry on a bicycle…

Loes Heerink

Loes Heerink

Loes Heerink



We remembered this tiny Emily Dickinson poem…

To see the Summer Sky
Is Poetry, though never in a Book it lie—

True Poems flee—


true poems flee…though Heerink caught them just in time.



In Shanghai, they haul stuff a little differently…(check out their sky-high loads here.)



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One thought on “Beauty You Can Carry on a Bicycle (Loes Heerink, Emily Dickinson)

  1. It all comes our way,
    doesn’t it?

    ….including the fleas,.

    “the fleeing.”

    (this is why great Poets
    are often seen
    scratching their heads.)

    {sorry. i’m having a good day.
    which you as well. thanks.)

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