(Video link here.) I was pretty oblivious to the absolute marvel of Cassini, the valiant spacecraft that spent seven years traveling to Saturn to deliver images of its many wonders and moons for thirteen more years. News of its planned fiery death this morning, on the planet it orbited for so long, made me LOOK.


This lovely video of its story, and the astonishing images and data it recorded, expanded my view of the universe we inhabit. It is curiously moving, and full of wonder.

Saturn, with its rings and moon, viewed from Cassini’s “eyes”, looks and feels like a wildly imagined abstract sculpture…





And then there is this: the last touching image to come from Cassini is of its “crash site” on Saturn.




I recommend the New York Times’ 100 Images from Cassini’s Mission to Saturn. Here’s some music to go with it.





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  1. Are ‘Artists’ those who
    create beauty,
    …recognize it?

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