I have only to look around my space, or search MIRROR on Improvised Life to find evidence of a slight obsession. Not to look at myself. But to angle them in such a way as to SEE a bigger view: a slice of the trees across the way, clouds, sky, magnifications of light, even when working at my desk or standing at my stove with my back to the window. Lately I’ve been looking for smallish mirrors that might offer a kind of surprise view, very different than larger ones offer.

@abby_tohline via schoolhouse.com

I’ve seen some cunning round mirrors that give a port hole-ish view, and a lovely shape.  No sooner had I admired this jazzy red 19″ mirror (above) for $149 at Schoolhouse Electric (it also comes in white, and marigold)…

…than I stumbled on Ikea’s $29 white Langesund mirror, also 19 inches.


And then this haiku appeared by the great Basho (translated by R.H.Blyth):

A spring unseen of men, –

On the back of the mirror,

A flowering plum-tree.


Perfect. THAT’s what we need mirrors for.

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