We haven’t got a thing to add to artist Debra Rapoport’s perfect, powerful 111-word philosophy of living (except to make a big loud sign out of part of it):

At 72-years-old I don’t need anything.

Frugality is fun. This shirt was gifted to me from my friend who found it at a thrift shop. I made my necklace out of recycled cloth tape and a piece of found metal that I have had for over 40 years.

I have been working with found objects and debris for over 50 years. I’m ready to change my name from Debra to Debris.

We have got to create our own fun and joy. Come AS IS—Always Seeing your Individual Self.

Dress to de-stress and play ’til it hurts.

Consumerism is the American nightmare and creativity and joy is the way to fulfillment.


Debra Rapoport’s Philosophy; sign by Sally Schneider for Improvised Life


Her Instagram has 15,000 followers. With good reason.

via Ari Seth Cohen’s great, inspiring Advanced Style Blog.

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3 replies on “Debra Rapoport’s Powerful 111-Word Philosophy of Living

  1. “bravo”.

    (that’s written small,
    it’s a bit hard to hear.
    My head is bowed.)

  2. Lovely. Getting older has been an adventure and continues enlightening, enriching, simplifying…….. It is a treat to hear, witness and evolve with people of same.

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