(Video link here.) We love people who defy all norms and especially ones who defy serious impediments; they remind us to push forward, practice, try, despite our personal challenges.
Richard Turner, considered the world’s greatest card sharp, is one. His prowess at manipulating cards and sleight of hand is astonishing, all the more so because he can’t see. (He hates the term “blind” as he considers himself sighted in other ways.)  He lost his eyesight when he was nine years old, but was determined to defy the limitations the diagnosis brought with it.
The award-winning documentary Dealt tells his story, of the defiant youth whose compulsion to test extreme, often dangerous boundaries — learning to fly trapeze, rock climbing, riding a motorcycle — ultimately gave him the confidence to overcome greater challenges and achieve mastery his great love, manipulating cards.
During an hour-long appearance Turner made at MIT, he outlined the principles that have guided his life, as he demonstrated his card artistry to students. You can watch it here.

No matter what hand someones’s dealt in life, don’t let anyone tell you first of all you can’t play or something’s impossible.

I would say take possible out of impossible.

When I first started losing my sight I was really mad, but the loss of vision turned out to be a blessing and one of my greatest assets…I was blessed in two ways. One was with an enhanced sense of touch and the other was the ability to see without sight.. If we defeat adversity with honor and integrity, we can turn adversity into an asset and that can lead to prosperity.



Turner’s approach boils down to three essential principles:

Find your dream and let that passion be your guide. ‘Our dreams fuel the fire in our belly’.

Be tenacious in your practice. Tenacity breaks down the barriers that stand between us and our dreams.

Achieve a state of excellence; that opens unexpected doors and prosperity.

Above all:

Play the Cards You’re Dealt 

Watch Turner cast his magic spell on Penn and Teller:

With thanks AGAIN to David Saltman at The Houdini File for the tip.  

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One thought on “Blind Master Card Magician Richard Turner: Play the Cards You’re Dealt

  1. This is a link to a deeply inspirational Tedx talk given by Dr. Hoby Wedler,blind since birth. He earned a Ph.D. in chemistry at the University of California, Davis. He is the founder and director of Accessible Science, a California 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and is a food and beverage sensory expert. Hoby found his passion for food and drink and how they relate to the senses when he began hosting truly blind wine and beer experiences in 2011. In 2012, Hoby was honored at the White House by President Barack Obama as one of his Champions of Change for enhancing educational and employment opportunities for Americans with disabilities. In 2016, Hoby was recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 in the food and drink category.
    Hoby recently co-founded Senspoint LLC, a sensory advising and education company. Senspoint partners with clients around the world in the food, beverage, sales & marketing and design industries to give them the sensory insight they need to succeed. Senspoint also focuses on sensory ideation to enhance their clients’
    marketing and design processes. The talk was given a few days ago, and may not be available online. However, everyone should know about Hoby. http://www.tedxsonomacounty.com/dr-hoby-wedler/

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