If you’re looking for an instant, inexpensive, totally unique last-minute gift that is full of wonders, give your brilliant someone a subscription to Improvised Life: a month —$1.99 — or a year —$18— of view-shifting tools and ideas for inspired possibility-thinking.

In addition to daily articles — from home design and cooking to productivity and self-expression… from the tangible to the indescribable — she/he/you can roam our archive of 4000 articles at will. (And you’ll be supporting thoughtful, outside-the-box, independent publishing.)



It’s magical: while it won’t take up any space, it will provide an ever-changing array of art, illumination, delicious things, wisdom, poetry, nature, useful tools, unexpected ideas, solutions, a community, inspiration, and imagination.




Where else can you find such a bargain?


Gifting Improvised Life is easy:

Click HERE OR on the GIFT IMPROVISED LIFE BOX on the right sidebar. Fill out the form and you’re done. Your giftee will receive an email notification that you’ve given them Improvised Life, along with instructions for how to log in.


If you like, you can email or print one of our 8.5 x 11-inch Gift Card pdfs for personal delivery.

Click on the LINKS or IMAGES below to open the pdf, then scroll to the bottom to print or download to your device. Once downloaded, you can send it as an email attachment:



Improvised Life Gift Card with bubbles:




Improvised Life Gift Card with crazy type



If you’ve found illumination, joy, or inspiration in this post, please consider supporting Improvised Life. It only takes a minute to make a secure donation that helps pay our many costs. A little goes a long way towards helping Improvised Life continue to live ad-free in the world.

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