How did we forget about the great, the site that streams only birdsong (you can also download its app or mp3). Listening to the music of birds first thing in the morning woke us UP in the best way possible. Our friend Josh Eisen described its effect perfectly:

Just birdsong. For me the walls and confinement of my apartment fall away and I am in the woods, a jungle, sunlight flooding through the foliage; the air changes and peace descends. It makes my office that summer porch I don’t have. It brings longer hours and summer light and makes them palpable even in the midst of winter. It can be great to meditate with too.

It put us right smack in NOW, reminding us of this from playwright Arthur Miller:

The word “now” is like a bomb thrown through the window, and it ticks. 


Cardinal by the paper artist, Matthew Sporzynski

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2 replies on “Birdsong Radio Wakes You UP in the Best Possible Way

  1. In 2016, as I recovered from a heart attack, having breakfast outdoors just listening to the majesty of birds’ songs and other sounds from insects and squirrels, brought me so much peace and healing.

  2. Thanks for this, Sally! Have been struggling with extra frustration around some of our usual city apartment noises of late, and having this on in the background seems like it may be helpful!

    That reminds me of your mystery vibration issue – were you ever able to resolve it?

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