Eggs are a symbol of rebirth and renewal, which is why they appear in springtime in so many cultures.  We embellished one to make a perfect message for the new season.

We’re wishing you a wondrous Easter, Passover, Spring.


(Read about the origins of Easter eggs here.).

3 replies on “Happy Passover, Easter, SPRING!

  1. Sally, Happy Spring et al to you as well. This post brings me back to a quote cited in the Paul Bocuse obituary recently…which, when I had read it, I thought how well it also summed up Improvised Life.

    “Mister Paul was France.
    Simplicity and generosity.
    Excellence and art de vivre.”

  2. Interesting story about the origin of eggs, thanks for sharing! And happy Easter/spring as well, hope you have a lovely season!

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