(Video link here.)  We are impressed with how often School of Life‘s videos get it right, injecting a nice dose of insight into our day. We especially like How To Be a Friend to Yourself, something MANY people we know have a hard time doing.

“Why do we all abandon ourselves?” a friend asked recently when we were talking about just this strange, often unconscious practice of NOT treating ourselves as kindly and compassionately as we treat our good friends, Instead, we can turn on ourselves with savage criticism, forgetting that:

People don’t just sometimes fail. Everyone fails, only, we don’t know about it.


School of Life


In describing How to Be a Friend to Yourself, this little video reminds what it is to be a good friend to others.

…good friends also constantly keep in mind certain things we’re getting right.

For sure, being a true friend is a practice of applying friendship inward.

It inspired us to make a tiny playlist of ….reminders:

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