A floor-through apartment in a Harlem brownstone is home to the Tikhonova & Wintner Fine Art Gallery, a “salon gallery” that puts on regular exhibits and salons. It is carrying on a long tradition of ad hoc “home” galleries that provide community meeting places for artists and alternative ways to exhibit their work.

Tikhonova & Wintner Fine Art

Recently, we saw the work of artist Blanka Amezkua who hosts her own by-appointment gallery, AAA3A Studio out of her Bronx apartment.

In Re-Konztrukt: Women and Tools, Amezkua works in materials traditionally used by women to adorn practical textiles like quilts and clothes, to proclaim self-possessed women with their tools. Her panels of embroidery on fabric and lace are on view at Tikhonova & Wintner until June 10th.

In How to Start a Gallery in Your Apartment, Artsy recently explored the apartment gallery trend growing in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Milan and Mexico City. We love the entrepreneurial spirit of intrepid gallerists creating alternative spaces “outside of commercially focused, white cube gallery spaces”.

Tikhonova & Wintner Fine Art

Although many apartment galleries operate by word-of-mouth, you can locate some of these unique art spaces by googling “apartment galleries”. You’ll find names of galleries in the Artsy article, as well as the New York Times’, It’s an Art Gallery. No, a Living Room. O.K., Both.

To visit AAA3A Studio, reach out to Amezkua to make an appointment, here.

A reading at AAA3A; Blanka Amezkua

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