I realized that I am not very fond of a huge part of Industrial Design, the part where we consume insane amount of resources and energy to design things that eventually people throw away, wrote former industrial designer Dina Amin.  She turned her disillusionment into an extraordinary practice of deconstructing products to see how they were made, and then reconfiguring the elements into tiny, brilliant stop motion videos. Her creations are a whimsical commentary on mindless consumption:

Most of the products you see are old broken products that others decided to throw away. We consume too many things to the point that we forgot the amount of work that was put into bringing even the tiniest pieces of things! We rarely see what’s inside each product thus treat it as one whole part; not as a plastic cover, with buttons, vibrator motor, mic and so on. This makes it easier to throw things away,

She calls them Tinker Friday Stories…What’s Inside My Hair Dryer blows us away!

…They are incredibly imaginative instant views into how everyday objects we take for granted are made AS well as the possibilities inherent in them.


More Tinker Friday stories here and here.

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