Yesterday morning, just as the guy working on the scaffolding on my terrace crashed his boot through my window, shattering the glass, I discovered Improvised Life was down.

For all of you who hit a blank screen, a rolling beach ball or the terrible message that Improvised Life could not be found, I apologize for the mishap, a technical glitch that took several hours to resolve.

It was one of those days, with all manner of things going awry. I posted a message on Facebook to alert readers, along with the a few lines about the strange synchronicity of challenging little events that had occurred. A reader sent back a sign that read:

Thousands of things go right for you every single day.


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One thought on “Even as Things Are Going Wrong, Thousands Are Going Right

  1. As one of my favorite story characters, Alexander (and The Terrible Horrible Very Bad Day) says…some days are like that, even in Australia

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