In case you haven’t been able to get away enough this summer, or have but are wondering where it went, here are a some lovely time-stopping moments of summer…

“a light summer rain” brings sitting on a porch at twilight right to your door.

We love this quiet little video of fireflies dancing over a field at dusk, their gentle lights a way to communicate, often in courtship, and to signal prediators to stay away…

It reminded us of a haiku be Basho…

Blade of grass
a firefly lands
takes off again.

Idra Novey‘s poem Still Life with Invisible Canoe captures yet another way to conjure summer… in your living room…

Levinas asked if we have the right
To be        the way I ask my sons
If they’d like to be trees

The way the word tree
Makes them a little animal
Dancing up and down
Like bears in movies

Bears I have to say
Pretend we are children     

At a river one of them says
So we sip it    pivot in the hallway
Call it a canoe

It is noon in the living room
We are rowing through a blue
That is a feeling mostly

The way drifting greenly
Under real trees


We wish you a peaceful, fun, carefree Labor Day weekend.

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3 replies on “Soft Rain on the Pond, Fireflies in the Field and a Poem for the End of Summer

  1. Your optimism during your difficult time shows that you are the same worldly pilgrim like John McCain. Read William Blake – “life is made of Joy and woe.”
    Thanks for your spirit!

  2. “. . . The fruit-hung branches moved, and suddenly
    The trembling apples smote the dewless grass
    And all the year to autumn-tide did pass.”

    from The Earthly Paradise by William Morris

  3. I have hardly the strength John McCain showed in his long captivity. But love the idea of “worldly pilgrim”, which we all are…

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