After two weeks of living with the roar of dehumidifiers and blowers in my cordoned-off-with plastic kitchen, the water soaked floors under my kitchen cabinets have been declared dry. The zippered hazmat-ish walls and grinding machinary are gone. After two days of regrouping, I am happily living in my space with its kitchen floor ripped out, and a wall of packing boxes covered with a drop cloth behind the living sofa. It is a respite until the next phase:  of moving myself and much of my stuff out for a month while the floors are repaired.

For all who sent messages of support, quotes, links, commiseration… who fed me in so many ways, including with a gift of wild plums nestled in pine needles that miraculously arrived by mail, THANK YOU.  And thank you for bearing with my fragmented attention that left Improvised Life quiet for longer than I imagined.

They meant the world, giving me palpable energy and a shift of view when mine was flagging. They were some of the many gifts that came out of this unexpected challenge (more on those to come….)

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2 replies on “Update on My Recent Minor Disaster, with Thanks

  1. Now you can understand how all those people felt after Harvey, Maria, etc. Many of them still do not have homes, electricity, etc. And they have ost their jobs

  2. In all my distress, I’ve thought often of people who had to flee their homes during any number of disasters…knowing that my situation paled in comparison. Unimaginable to be so uprooted.

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