Recently, we stumbled on a photograph of the moss room mid-century designer Russel Wright created near Manitoga, his home and studio in upstate New York. Perhaps created is not quite the right word; fostered or nurtured might be more accurate; Wright worked with the offerings of nature and the natural materials at hand to adorn his extraordinary environment.

But what if he created the moss room by simply naming a mossy patch of land he found? Calling it the moss room immediately alters it, sparking a focused awareness in whomever passed through.

What if we did that with other “spaces” we inhabit to experience them a little differently?

…Sky Room

Sally Schneider

…Cloud Room

Stefan Herringslack

…Tree Room…

Sally Schneider

…Boulder Room

…Cherry Blossom Room

Sally Schneider / Improvised Life


Suddenly, life seems SPACIOUS in a new way…




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