I hadn’t quite realized how distracted I’ve been until I saw this little video of Tommy Edison, a film critic who has been blind since birth, talking about his favorite things to touch. When was the last time I stopped to feel what flour felt like, or a flower?

Ahh, how great. Tuning into my sense of touch yields such wondrous pleasure, inspiration, even hope, by bringing me right smack into the delicious moment.

It reminded me of photographer Tessa Traeger’s utterly expressive photographs of hands-in-process from her series Voices of the Vivarais.  They have the power to make you feel what it is like to hold that a rough bread…

Tessa Traeger

…an animal…

Tessa Traeger


Tessa Traeger

Fine reminders.

Becoming aware of the textures and feel of things is a practice that only takes a moment to do, and can be done at any time, anywhere, for free……….

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