A convergence of two owl poems: one, wordless…one by Mary Oliver, when we opened Blue Horses:


One has to say this for the rounds of life

that keep coming and going; it has worked so far.

The rabbit, after all, has never asked if the grass

wanted to live.

Any more than the owl consults with the rabbit.


Acceptance of the world requires

that I bow even to you,

Master of the night


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2 replies on “Fearsome Poetry of an Owl in Flight (Mary Oliver)

  1. Love the owl visual, I feel like I am it in my fear driven striving and grasping…

    To that end, if the link can be fixed to your second feature today, the gravestone with ‘Don’t Try’ engraved on it, I would love to see it. My owl like behavior has left me exhausted and my results are often fruitless 🙂

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful posts!

  2. I apologize for the broken link to the Don’t Try post. It got accidentally published before it was really done, so I unpublished it thinking to send it out this week. (Writing hasn’t been so easy since I moved house for the second time in a month…am a bit foggy.)

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