Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem marks mile 22 of the 26-mile New York City Marathon. Sunday we watched in amazement as runners of all stripes approached the home stretch to cheers and music, in the glorious fall light. Each pair of tired feet that passed us represented hours of training, and a determined spirit.

Twenty-six miles is no mean feat…We wondered who the very last, valiant runner was and wished we could stay around to cheer him/her for continuing on to the very end.

Every mile is a gift!” proclaimed a handmade sign we saw.


Every mile, every step, every breath, every moment.

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2 replies on “A Cool Teeny Video of the NYC Marathon: Every Step, Every Breath is a Gift

  1. I love the guy who turned around(!),
    ..and started going back(!).
    Who says, “…you can never go back”? ?

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