We were charmed by this 3-minute animated journey through four ancient Chinese brush-and-ink paintings. The little modern man is transformed into animals and plants, becoming one with the natural world.

It reminded us of How to Be an Explorer of the World, illustrator Keri Smith’s 59 ideas for how to creatively “shift” and wake your mind by engaging with your surroundings in new and interesting ways.

Why not walk IN to paintings as we look at them closely, slowly, deeply, to experience the worlds they depict, like the four Chinese masterpieces that the little film has inspired us to explore? It requires only slowing down to really look, and letting the art spark your imagination…

The Emperor Ming Huang Travelling in Shu, Tang Dynasty, 8th Century

Travelers Among Mountains and Streams, Song Dynasty 10 century

….Ancient Temple in a Mountain Pass, Song Dynasty, 12C

…Autumn Colors on the Ch’iao and Hua Mountains, Yuan Dynasty, 13C




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