This morning we opened A Guide to the I Ching by Carole Anthony at random and found this:

We contrive solution to problems because we distrust or discount the willingness or ability of the Creative (the Unknown) to make things work; we fear we must act on our own, or that we must intervene to save the situation. This fear arises because our ego perceives that everything should move in a straight line toward the solution it thinks is correct. It is unable to realize that the Creative works things out by using every direction the situation takes. The Creative, it may be said, works in zig-zag fashion, tacking this way and that, confounding the supervisory ego, and its everlasting search to control. 


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One thought on “Opened at Random: A Guide to the I Ching “The Zig Zag Path of the Creative”

  1. I really love that book.
    Thank you so much for this post.

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