When we came across this sign by some unknown wise person, we wondered:

What if we thought of time like some delicious cake, savoring it in both sensual and metaphysical ways, instead of spending it… like money.

By experiencing time as something incredibly delicious, would we feel like we have more of it?


Sally Schneider

Or does time just…fly because we can’t fathom the fact of it passing and our aging, as this passage from Olga Tokarczuk’s remarkable novel Flights so perfectly describes:

She thought about how no one had taught us to grow old, how we didn’t know what it would be like. When we were young we thought of old age as an ailment that affected only other people. While we, for reasons never entirely clear, would remain young. We treated the old as though they were responsible fo r their condition somehow, as though they’d done something to earn it, like some types of diabetes or arteriosclerosis. And yet this was an ailment that affected the absolute most innocent. 

Ellen Silvmerman

Rumi echoes the idea in poetry:

In a boat down a fast-running creek,
it feels like trees on the bank
are rushing by. What seems

to be changing around us
is rather the speed of our craft 
leaving this world. 

When we remarked on feeling days flying by to the wisest person we know, she said: “Yes, I feel it too. Time is something I haven’t been able to figure out.”

We’re thinking:

As time flies by,
we will savor it

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3 replies on “By viewing time as something incredibly delicious, would we feel like we have more of it?

  1. As always, thoughtful and well said. Thank you.

  2. Nice article Sally.
    Just one little thing was missing…..
    the recipe for that cake!

    That looks as though,
    …it was ‘worth the time’.

    {With a half-a-cake left,..
    i don’t need to wish you
    “..a good day.” ?}

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