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Valentine’s Day, the ultimate romantic holiday, can be kind of a downer for people who don’t have a lover, husband, wife, partner. We hate that it leaves them out. Why can’t Valentine’s Day be more…ecumenical, which means, at heart, something general, universal, worldwide?

We’re thinking a dandy little heart made of folded money would make a nice valentine for just about anyone. It is curious and charming in low denominations —$2 bills being especially great. A folded $100 would provide some quirky romantic weight.

And it’s easy. There’s a fine, simple Instructables here.

Or check out this video:

If you want to get more ambitious, with a few more folds, you can add a star to your heart.  Step-by-step video here.

heart origami by Ashley Massey

And of course, if you don’t want to fold money, another pretty paper will do fine….

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3 replies on “Ecumenical Money Valentine to Give to Lovers AND Friends

  1. ha ha ha ha!
    ,…can’t ‘paypal’ any of that!

    p.s.: You have my postal adress,..right? ?

  2. I’m afraid all I can think of is the expression ‘phoney as a two-dollar bill’! These were taken out of circulation in Canada (and, I think, the U.S.) many years ago. Kind of ironic if you think of it in this context.

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