This coming June I will be leading a workshop at Omega Institute’s Build Your Audience in the Digital Age Conference, June 21-23

My focus will be blogging, the many forms it can take, and how to handle the “reality sandwiches” of the digital world, not the least of which is creating compelling content on a regular basis. I’ll teach you all you need to know to find the form and methods that will make yours a success.

The conference will benefit anyone who has an idea for a digital product.  Other presenters will share how they created successful web apps, courses and other products and provide roadmaps that apply to any subject, not just spirituality and healing.  As those familiar with Improvised Life’s varied daily offerings, the word spirituality is rarely used, yet they expand a sense of possibility, meaning and connectedness in daily living.

Having stayed on Omega’s extraordinary campus many times and always come away with new knowledge, insight and inspiration for my life and work, I am excited to be part of this timely conference.  Please see my post about the Omega experience.  I can’t recommend it highly enough.

If you’ve wanted to create blogs, video courses, and mobile apps or learn about the business of online education, join me and a stellar roster of teachers. Details here.

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