Photographer Massimo Vitali’s home is a fourteenth-century church in the Tuscan city of Lucca. With its practical, ordinary fridge, gaggle of well-used Birkenstocks and quirky design decisions, this delightful house tour reflects the easy-going way and thoughtfulness of the man whose philosophy is “The best picture is the one I will take next time.”

The most difficult thing was to let nobody touch the walls. There’s almost no switches around.  No plugs. It gives you some sort of freedom from the modern world. 

The people who made this wall, they wrote: “This wall has been built on the October 27, 1853”. This is something I find very moving and its the example of what I’m looking for on these walls and why I left everything on the walls.


Of he wonderful morphable sofa, the very loose Vitali demonstrates how “I always find a way that fits my mood”.

The layers of covers on Vitali’s bed seem to reflect the blues of the vault under which he sleeps.

The color of the vault is something that makes me very calm and very happy. I really feel like I sleep under the stars

We love the low sheetrock wall that defines the bedroom, leaving the original structure of the church revealed.

The platter Vitali’s friend made says “Eat because you will be eaten”, echoing the Armenian mystic Gurdjieff who sayed that “Everything eats everything else” is the plan of the universe.

The big open plan and overhead view from the metal structure high up in Church reflects Vitalli’s natural vision:

To be above everything its a bit boring.  But if you’re above and you can follow things and you’re still part of what happens down there, its exactly what I look for when I’m out taking pictures. My natural habitat.

Barbara Anastacio / Nowness

via Nowness. With thanks to Ruth Kissane for alerting us to it. 

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