Over the years, I’ve learned that making linen room dividers, tablecloths, napkins and slipcovers does NOT have to involve sewing.  Wanting a finished, hemmed edge, I used a king linen sheet to hide a fold-out bed in my old apartment. Whenever I wanted a finished edge and didn’t want to hem it, I’d invest a hemmed sheet or tablecloth to repurpose, like this bedskirt

Sally Schneider

I could use it in different ways, including as room divider or a tablecloth…

bridget ? for rough linen

I didn’t yet realize that it can be prettier and more dramatic to use ripped linen, rather than hemmed.. Ripped linen involves…just…literally ripping the fabric… to make

…a room divider…

Ellen Silverman




pillow covers...

IKEA: Livet Hemma

With an inexpensive scrap of linen, I ripped oversize napkins (diy here)…

oversized ripped linen napkins
Sally Schneider

Check out our resource for buying extra wide linen in a variety of forms.


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2 replies on “Linen Room Divider, Napkin, Tablecloth, Pillow DIY Without Sewing

  1. I love using linen for hand and bath towels as well! They get softer with every wash, are absorbent, and dry incredibly fast – which is perfect for my humid bathroom that doesn’t vent well. Price is an issue for me, so I was happy to find regular and extra-wide linen by the yard at the big-box fabric store near my house ($12-18/yd with a coupon, or $5-7/yd for a linen blend).

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